YY-F0667 LYQQ KID 4D popular X4 Jeep walking foil balloon

Short Description:

Name: X4 Jeep

Model Number: YY-F0667

Material: Nylon Foil

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Packing: Individual package ( inner card + straw + balloons)

Size: 35(13”)*65(26”)cm

Logo: According To Customer Required

Brand Name: LUYUAN

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You may select from a number of different forms of transportation for us to transport your items anywhere in the world. We offer services such Meissen Clipper, American General Shipping, European Shipping, British Shipping, China-Europe Railway, Meissen (Express/truck), FBA Direct delivery, Air Transport (Express/truck), Warehouse transfer, tail pick-up delivery, and others in accordance with your requests. In addition, we have a rich experience of working with international express logistics companies like FEDEX and DHL to offer customers secure, practical, and reassuring logistical services.

After-sales method

Following the sale of a product, our business makes the following commitments to quality and service:

1. Warranty maintenance: If quality issues with balloons purchased from our company are discovered upon shipment, please inform our after-sales staff so that we may send out a team of qualified after-sales personnel to address the issue on your behalf.

2. We promise that our balloons will have a 98% quality rate thanks to our quality assurance program.

3. Timing: After receiving your comments, we will put together a core team to address your issues, and we will rigorously monitor our future collaboration to prevent causing you any trouble.

Safety signs

Balloon: The balloons made by LUYUAN balloons have passed the fundamental tests for EU EN71 certification and CE certification, as well as the environmental protection and safety norms of the State Inspection and Quarantine Administration and the American Toy Manufacturers Association. The items are secure, non-toxic, hygienic, kind to the environment, and harmless to human health. The standard for toys sold in the EU is EN71. We are dedicated to ensuring that kids are safe. Since kids are among the most sensitive and caring demographics in society, we need to make sure that our aluminum film balloons adhere to the necessary criteria before going on sale. Regardless of the choice of materials and printing ink, the created aluminum film balloons are tested.

Factory: division I have passed the BSCI and anti-terrorism certification and other factory certification, welcome friends to visit our company for on-site certification.

Privacy statement

Providing adequate protection for your information is the cornerstone of the wholesome and long-term growth of our business, and we are fully aware of how important personal information is to you. We appreciate your patronage and confidence in Green Park's goods and services. We are dedicated to upholding your confidence in us, adhering by the law and our obligation to you, and exerting all reasonable efforts to ensure the security and lawful handling of your personal data. At the same time, we firmly affirm that we will take the necessary security precautions to safeguard your personal information in compliance with the established industry safety requirements.

Uses of helium balloons

Helium balloons were really produced in the late 1970s. Before that, because children were easy to burst when playing with latex balloons, and the gas retention time was relatively short, people had always wanted to develop a balloon that could not only keep gas tight for a long time, but also bear the weight of children. Finally, aluminum film was found in the late 1970s. Helium is an inert gas, so there is no danger in filling the balloon. The surface printing of these helium balloons looks not only very beautiful, but also can produce aluminum membrane balloons in various shapes and sizes, such as dinosaurs, Mickey, Donald Duck, dolphins, aircraft, tigers, elephants, etc. Once the product came out, it was loved by people. The aluminum film balloon is suitable for many occasions. It can be used as an advertising balloon and is the best gift for major enterprises and companies to advertise their products. It can also be used as a birthday party balloon to create a happy and peaceful atmosphere and make the guests happy. At the same time, it is also a good choice as a gift for your lover on Valentine's Day. For example, an aluminum membrane balloon with beautiful design and printed to express love, coupled with flowers and chocolate, oh! I think your lover will be happy to accept it! You can even print a picture of the person you like on the surface of the balloon.

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